Dallas Noir is part of the “cities noir” series from Akashic Books.  Sixteen stories by 16 writers associated with Dallas, Texas, including the story“Swingers Anonymous” by yours truly.

“Swingers Anonymous” is being made into a short crime film by south Florida filmmaker Quincy Perkins.  Click here, to learn more about this project. 


"All in all, the stories in Dallas Noir have an unsettling, slightly creepy presence that is not just appropriate but completely necessary for a collection of noir fiction. If you think Dallas is boring or white-bread -- well, perhaps you haven’t gotten out much and seen the dark edges of Big D for yourself. And if you haven’t, maybe you don’t even want to." - Dallas Morning News

"If you want to delve into the creepier sides of Dallas, this is a good start." 
- Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate

"Dallas Noir is a fiction mosaic, showing a city of class divisions precariously held together by money, land, and false love. It also shows the expanse of noir and it’s power." 
- (MysteryPeople Pick of the Month)
Noir tales and poems by: Cameron Ashley, Christopher Benton, Josh Converse, Chris Deal, Garnett Elliott, Matthew C. Funk, James Gibbons, A.J. Hayes, D.S. Jones, David Jordan, Nik Korpon, Alexander Kraft, Mary Long, Chuck Marecic, Richie Narvaez, Dan O’Shea, Dale Patterson, Keith Rawson, Stephen D. Rogers, Kieran Shea, Benjamin Sobieck, Leland Thoburn, Jonathan Woods & Changming Yuan.
Stories by: Dennis Tafoya, Andrew Nette, Jedidiah Ayres, Roger Smith, Josh Converse, Charlie Stella, Greg Bardsley, Hilary Davidson, Kieran Shea, Nate Flexer, Cameron Ashley, Patricia Abbott, Chad Eagleton, Ken Bruen, Jimmy Callaway, Dave Zeltserman, Steve Weddle, Craig McDonald, Keith Rawson, Leigh Redhead, Anonymous-9, Jonathan Woods, Liam Jose, Dave White, Chris F. Holm, Frank Bill, Adrian McKinty & Scott Wolven
Stories by: Nigel Bird, Nik Korpon, W.D. County, Matthew Funk, Richard Thomas, and Jonathan Woods.

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