Bad Juju by Jonathan Woods
Running a scam in a two-bit Caribbean republic, a tough-as-nails gun moll has to outrun both a murder rap and the local neo-Nazi commandant. A jealous archaeologist uses a Mayan stone dildo to bludgeon to death the chairman of the Archaeology Department. An accountant goes on a tropical vacation to a place where everything is falling apart, including his own sketchy soul. Seduced by an escaped psychopath named Dandelion, a frat boy has no choice but to commit murder. The nineteen opium dreams that make up Bad Juju provide the most outrageous, entertaining and over-the-top crime spree since Quentin Tarantino appeared on the scene.

Bad Juju was published in April, 2010 by indie crime story publisher New Pulp Press.


“Evocative, imaginative, hot and neo-pulpy.” - Allan Guthrie

“A dance of life & death that soars and plummets like Fred Astaire on methamphetamine.” - Booklist

Violence, sex, and gonzo plot twists fuel Woods's diverting collection of 19 stories, most set in sun-and-blood-drenched borderlands. “Incident in the Tropics,” “Down Mexico Way,” “Maracaibo,” and “We Don' Need No Stinkin' Baggezz” amp up the volume to 11, while other offerings feature flying sharks, the adventures of a bodiless head, and a slime thing quickly snaking up nostrils. Woods, who earned his neo-pulp rep in Web zines such as Dogmatika and Plots with Guns, keeps the words popping along, though the endings of his stories are often inconsequential—only more reason to hop instantly into the next yarn. Throughout, a penchant for vivid imagery slaps the reader around like a boxing bag: “A veneer of sweat covers her body like the glaze on a Christmas ham”; “shadows as murky as an abortion clinic in the Bible Belt”; “Her small conical breasts confronted him like twin interstellar ray guns.” New pulp, indeed. - Publishers Weekly, 3/1/2010 (Apr.)

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Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem, a collection of 19 noir crime stories, won a 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Crime Short Story Collection.

Kenney Mencher’s cover for Bad Juju wins 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Crime Book Cover!     

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“Hallucinatory, hilarious, imaginative noir.” - New York Magazine in its cultural Approval Matrix for April 26, 2010

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