“Swingers Anonymous” is being made into a short crime film by South Florida
filmmaker Quincy Perkins. Written and produced by Jonathan Woods.

Swingers Anonymous is a film about greed, lust and enlightenment. And murder. We are keeping the film to it's pulp noir roots and having fun telling this story. 

"Swingers Anonymous" originated as one of 16 stories included in the famed anthologyDallas Noir.
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Excerpt from Miami Herald:
Swingers Anonymous tells the story of [Tom] Frank’s character Bill, an ordinary man who goes to a swingers party at the home of the newest member, big-busted Pauline, and ends up inheriting a gigantic problem: two dead bodies and $20,000 in drug money.

Bill does not handle this problem well. His life quickly spirals out of control, albeit humorously, with the femme fatale’s breasts taking on a life of their own.

This is the third collaboration between [Quincy] Perkins, a Key West native and self-taught director who has worked on several Hollywood feature films, and [Jonathan] Woods, 66, a Key West resident who a decade ago left his job in Dallas as a globe-trotting attorney for a high-tech company to pursue his lifelong passion of fiction writing.

The making of the film noir ‘Swingers Anonymous’ in Homestead - by Cammy Clark, April 6, 2014
Director Quincy Perkins was scouting locations in Homestead for his short film Swingers Anonymous when he came upon a large field with brightly colored buses . . . Read more!